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 What is BTCBunch? BTCBunch Review - Scam or Legit?

BTCBunch is a Faucet that offers a lot of different cryptocurrencies. It does offer you Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Dash, BNP and a lot more. BTCBunch uses it’s own currency called Token. 10000 Token are worth around 0,1 Dollar. The design looks very functional and it works, but it’s not as beautiful as other Faucets. There are also a lot of ads and we even have the annoying redirects while claiming from the Faucet. That costs a lot of time and is really lessening the experience with BTBunch. The site is pretty new, it’s online since September 2021.

There is one thing that distinguishes BTCBunch from other sites though and that’s the owner. It is made by Paccosi. Paccosi also offers other sites about cryptocurrencies and has a pretty well known Youtube-Channel with over 25000 Followers. Normally, that’s a good sign, because it shows that BTCBunch is a legitimate site. It also offers instant payment to Faucetpay, so there is no reason to think that BTCBunch is a scam. But it’s still a bit shady. Why? In his videos, Paccosi promotes a lot of scams. Scams like Bitcoindoubler and sites that offer over 25 % interest per day. They are clearly all scams and Paccosi promotes them with his referral link. That’s a really shady thing to do and it gives his Faucet a untrustworthy touch. But as we already said before, BTCBunch pays you instantly to Faucetpay. It’s safe to use, because the minimum withdrawal amount is so low, you can withdraw your money after 3 claims from the faucet. We will not recommend to gamble at BTCBunch though, because we can’t be sure that it’s not rigged.

How can you earn Bitcoin at BTCBunch?

There are a lot of different things to do at BTCBunch. There are 3 different Faucets called Manual Faucet, Auto Faucet and Mad Faucet. The Manuel Faucet and Mad Faucet are both the same. You have to solve 2 captchas and then claim from it. The only difference is that the Mad Faucet pays more. We have no idea, why Paccosi made it like this though. The Auto Faucet claims automatically every 5 minutes, but the payment is lower than for the other Faucets.

You can also visit some shortlinks or watch some PTC Ads. The PTC Ads need to stay in focus and you have to wait for 60 seconds for most of them. That’s really long and the payment for them is really abysmal. The shortlinks pay a bit better, but still not much. You also get Energy for every shortlink you visit, but we don’t know what’s the Energy for. We couldn’t find out anything about the usage of it. It’s completely useless right now, maybe BTCBunch will add some use for it later.

There is a really weird thing with the PTC Ads we want to tell you about. Most of them pay you between 60 and 30 Tokens, depending on the time you have to watch the ad. But there also some ads that pay you 1 or 0,5 Tokens. We don’t know the reason for it, but don’t watch them. You are wasting your time without getting any real reward for it.

Earning Bitcoin with BTCBunch

BTCBunch also offers you some Micro Jobs. You can make a video about BTCBunch and upload it to Youtube, install the BTCBunch App or do some other stuff. They payment for them is not that great, considering that they take a lot of time and effort to do. We absolutely warn you from the BTCBunch app. As we already mentioned, Paccosi recommends a lot of scams and we can’t say for sure, that this App doesn’t use your phone to mine cryptocurrencies without your knowledge or infects your phone with a virus. Just don’t download it, it’s not worth the risk.

He also pays you for positive reviews on different sites and that’s just another warning sign, to be honest. No legitimate company will pay you for a fake review, because most sites with reviews will delete fake reviews anyway. To offer such a job is another sign for a shady site.

To keep you motivated, BTCBunch also offers achievements. Currently, there are only daily achievements, but they pay really well. They are a lot of work though, but if you manage to claim an achievement, you are generously rewarded. For example, if you watch 25 PTC ads, you get 1000 Tokens.

There are also some games to gamble with, but don’t use them. It’s easily possible for BTCBunch to scam you, if you really want to gamble, use a legitimate business for it. BTCBunch also offers a lottery, but we think, it’s fake. 1 Ticket cost 500000 Tokens and you can win 11 Tokens. No, that is not a mistake from us, the highest amount somebody won until now was 11 Tokens. That means, even if you win, you lose a lot of money. The lottery displays the latest 10 winners, but we aren’t sure if it’s fake or not. We tend to believe that it’s made up and it’s just a way to scam you.


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